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Jul 30, 2015

What The Hell Is Going On With Kristin Cavallari's Secret Bangs Commercial?

I need answers, NOW.

Hello, people of the world, remember Kristin Cavallari? She was on Laguna Beach and The Hills, but now has a fairly normal life being rich and married to a football player.


Oh, and apparently is also doing strange infomercials for Secret Bangs...a product that gives you temporary bangs. But the catch is you also have to wear a headband! This is the ad for the product, which was uploaded on July 2, 2015.

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See, it's magic!


I was confused. Is this...real? Is this a joke? Is Kristin Cavallari — once enemy to LC — now promoting some fake headband bangs? It was time to investigate.

First up: her Twitter. I was looking for any clues on the matter, then found this tweet from July 8, 2015.

Wanted to change up my look today with bangs! They're so easy and fun! Check them out

OK, so according to this tweet, she thinks the secret bangs are "so easy and fun." Then she linked to the website. My hunt for answers about this continued. I clicked the link and since the internet speed at BuzzFeed HQ is really fast, I arrived in no time at

When I got to, I started browsing around.

It had your normal before-and-after stuff. You could definitely see the change in the bang area... In the after, there were more bangs. But I fell suspicious when I went to place my order.

You see, as shown in this GIF of my cursor on the actual website, when I went to "Order Now!" the button didn't work.

I pressed and pressed and pressed, yet it seemed like it was impossible to actually order anything.

I decided to attempt to buy the thing a different way — by clicking on literally any other button that might lead me to a purchase page. But NOTHING WORKED. Then, I, Harriet the Spy, checked the source code of the price banner/button.

What I saw gave me literally no new info because I don't know anything about source code. So I asked a developer friend of mine what the heck was happening here. Turns out that a bunch of "order now" links were broken on the site, or as he said, "it seems super broken! IDK what’s going on." ME NEITHER. Things were getting curious. Verrrrrry curious.

As a last-ditch effort before I left the website, I searched "prank" in some source/code area. Nothing came up.

I figured if the word "prank" was somewhere in this mess of code that I don't understand and don't claim to know anything about, then it would confirm that this was all a big joke. But there was no confirmation here. I had to move on.

At this point I decided to take an investigation break and watch the infomercial again. My brain was hurting and I just wanted to watch Kristin Cavallari flip the bangs.

Now that I felt refreshed and ready to go again, I decided to call the company. I was going to get to the bottom of the bangs if it was the last thing I did!! (My life is dull.)

On the phone I was expecting to just reach a voicemail saying, "Happy belated April Fools' — love, Kristin Cavallari!" Because you know what, I've always thought she might be the pranking type, and I'd get a chuckle out of it all.

But instead, a real, live customer service lady picked up the phone.

Opolja / Getty Images

This is not an actual photo of the woman I was on the phone with. This is a *dramatization*.

I told her that I'd tried ordering online but the links were broken. She said, "Oh really?" then tried herself and agreed that they were broken. She was also confused. I asked her when I could get the Secret Bangs by, and she said in two to four weeks because they were in high demand. I asked her how people were placing orders if the computers could not place them. She said, "By calling." I said, "So have a lot of people been calling you?" She said, "No, not really." At this point I was still holding out hope that my beloved Kristin Cavallari would hop on the phone and say, "GOT YA!!" But she didn't. I ended up not ordering anything, I wanted the bangs NOW. Or never. I told the woman on the phone that I was press and that someone could reach out to me to let me know if I could get some Secret Bangs. Then I hung up the phone.

My head was spinning. I carried on as usual, even picked up a salad for lunch, and then...


As I'm finishing up this post, my phone rings. Usually I don't answer numbers I don't know because I'm scared of Sallie Mae, but this time my gut told me to pick up. It's a representative from On Demand, the company behind Secret Bangs. A spokesperson said over the phone, "The campaign for Secret Bangs is discontinued. They stopped it."



And so, that brings us here. The same questions that I started with remain. BUT NOW I HAVE EVEN MORE.

・Did Kristin Cavallari believe in Secret Bangs?

・Did she actually use it?

・Why would they discontinue the Secret Bangs when Kristin Cavallari looks so good in them and they can be used in so many ways?

Split-screen Kristin Cavallari, give me answers!!!

  1. It's at this time that I turn to you. What the hell was going on here??

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Looks like we are having a problem on the server.
It's at this time that I turn to you. What the hell was going on here??
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    Kristin Cavallari legitimately did an infomercial for Secret Bangs, DUH.
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    Kristin Cavallari is pranking us. This is definitely a prank.
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    I am so confused, what did I just watch?
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  1. And a follow-up question: OK, but would you wear Secret Bangs?

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Looks like we are having a problem on the server.
And a follow-up question: OK, but would you wear Secret Bangs?
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