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What Queer Moments From Movies Were Small But So Good That They Should Be Talked About More?

We gotta talk about these more.

I live for queer moments in movies. Probably because I'm gay as heck and am starving for representation, but also because it's CUTE AND MAKES MY HEART HAPPY.

It's the smallest of moments that get me. Like this part in The Half of It, when Aster and Ellie shared a quick glance through the mirror.

Or in I Care a Lot, when Marla and Fran gave each other hair touches and nose kisses.

And like in Love Simon, when Simon came out to his mom and she said the best thing anyone would want to hear after such a vulnerable moment. Just a few words, but a huge impact.

So share with me your favorite lil' queer moments in movies that we should all be talking about more!! And if they are bigger than small, that's okay too. Comment below and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.