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18 Sapphic Movies That Are Perfect To Watch This Pride Month And All Year Long

*Insert intense sapphic eye contact.*

1. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Héloïse and Marianne looking at each other

2. But I'm a Cheerleader

Graham and Megan changing a toy baby

3. Princess Cyd

A friend, the aunt, Cyd, and her girlfriend posing for a picture

4. Ammonite

Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan looking at a fossil

5. The Half of It

Ellie and Aster floating in a lake

6. Disobedience

Esti and Ronit leaning their heads together

7. I Care a Lot

Marla holding an espresso cup in front of a wall of people she is legal guardian of

8. Carol

Therese and Carol at the department store

9. Happiest Season

Kristen and Mackenzie laughing

10. Booksmart

Amy and Molly leaning against lockers

11. Pariah

Alike and her girlfriend leaning on each other and smiling

12. The Handmaiden

The count, the handmaiden, the heiress, and the uncle standing together

13. The Prom

Emma and Alyssa hugging and smiling

14. Saving Face

Wil and Michele laying in bed

15. Rafiki

Kena and Ziki laughing

16. The Feels

The bachelorette party guests laughing in the pool

17. Appropriate Behavior

Shirin holding her girlfriend's face in bed

18. Desert Hearts

Cay and Vivian standing in front of a train

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