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We Ran To Find Katy Perry's Disco Ball To Listen To Her New Song And This Is Our Story

True life: Music from a disco ball is good.

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This morning at exactly 10:10am ET, Katy Perry tweeted this sort of cryptic pink map with some disco balls in certain cities. She told us to bring our headphones.

Leave your bubble (and bring your headphones):

It was then that we decided to run, not walk, to find the disco ball we were seeking. Legend has it that if you find the disco ball you can listen to 90 seconds of her new song "Chained to the Rhythm." (P.S. This wasn't a legend, those were the facts.) SO OFF WE WENT.


P.S. There were people who were way smarter than us at other disco balls and brought along SPEAKERS. Genius. So now you can hear what we heard too. ENJOY.

when u hook the disco ball up to a speaker 😍😍 here's a longer snippet than the one going around #ChainedToTheRhythm