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Two Sisters In Haim Were Once In An Amazingly Corny Tween Girl Group

Ever heard of Valli Girls? Well once upon a time it was the best girl band in the world and Danielle and Este Haim, now members of the super cool sister group Haim, were in it.

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Before there was Haim...

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

There was pre-Haim AKA Valli Girls!

With Danielle and Este:

Getty Images

Turns out the sisters weren't always so effortlessly cool and rock n' roll.

Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

Danielle had bangs and colored stripes in her hair:

Getty Images

And Este had a short blonde do:

Getty Images

The band made a pretty great video for their song "It's A Hair Thing"

View this video on YouTube

Danielle and Este sat in virtual hair dryers (IT'S A HAIR THING, DUH!)

Danielle danced in front of a neat green screen:

She also wore the super cool trends of the time with a jean skirt and glittery silver shoes.

And Este played the bass with her usual bass-face:

And wore a rug for a jacket:

Miss You Valli Girls. Hope you are having fun in girl group heaven.

H/T Pigeons and Penguins

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