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    Updated on Sep 26, 2020. Posted on Sep 23, 2020

    22 Tweets That Are 100% Lesbian Culture And Cannot Be Denied

    I am part of all this lesbian culture.

    1. Totally distance-friendly relationships.

    2. Camping and also emotional unavailability.

    Lesbian culture is flirting w a girl for a week only to have her tell you she’s only emotionally available for “camping friends” right now

    3. Moving at warp speed.

    Lesbians be like

    4. Standoffs.

    Lesbian Culture Is Posting That You Want A GF & 30 Other Lesbians Comment With “Me Too” 💬🤪 But No One Makes A Move❗️😂💯

    5. An all-female ensemble cast.

    6. Mixed signals:

    7. Overthinking:

    lesbians be like “let me write this entire story in my head for no reason”

    8. Confusion:

    9. Silent yearning:

    lesbians will be the first people to like each other's tweets about yearning and still not dm each other

    10. Complicated relationships:

    lesbians be like “sorry i ghosted you last week, i accidentally started dating my ex wife again... i think i love you though”

    11. Lots of niche things:

    lesbians be like.... we be into astrology... we be into witchcraft... we be cottagecore daydreaming... we be loving vintage and retro aesthetics even though we would be beaten up if we went to the era those aesthetics came from... we be not being able to drive or do math

    12. Button-downs and patterns:

    13. Immediate obsession:

    lesbian culture be like : i'm thinking about that girl who smiled at me for 3 seconds 4 years ago 🥰

    14. Like I said, complicated relationships:

    Lesbian culture be like having one girl who is ur ex and also - best friend, emotional support, 2am booty call, body pillow, second closet, and the reason why u can’t move onto a new relationship with someone who is also their ex.

    15. Damn straight girls:

    lesbian culture be like: █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ liking straight liking other girls lesbians

    16. Coming out to every doctor:

    lesbian culture is when you tell doctors "yes i'm sexually active, but no there's absolutely zero chance i could be pregnant" and they do the "ooooohhhHHHHH yeah got it yes okay" thing after trying to process that sentence for 30 seconds

    17. Again, CONFUSION:

    lesbian culture isn’t cutting your nails lesbian culture is trying to decide who initiates the hello/goodbye hugs

    18. Basing everything off the stars:

    Lesbians of twitter: so can anyone translate my astrology chart and the one of this girl i just saw in the streets

    19. Driving. Specifically, turning around and putting your hand on the passenger seat as you reverse:

    lesbians can drive

    20. Whatever this is:

    lesbian culture is seeing a girl with short hair in a cardigan from far away and thinking ‘she’s cute’ then realising it’s just an old woman

    21. Doc Martens:

    22. And finally, Cate Blanchett.

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