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    27 Brutally Funny Tweets About Therapy That Are Kind Of Dark But Very True

    Sending these to my therapist as a cry for help.

    As someone who has been in therapy for a loooonggggggg time, I approve of these tweets:


    I be kinda jealous knowing my therapist has other clients like oh ok

    Twitter: @sissythatpatch


    therapist? oh you mean my gossip doctor?

    Twitter: @booksijustread


    therapy isn’t enough i need to become my therapist’s favorite client

    Twitter: @KatyMoriah


    My therapist yesterday: I've noticed that you make funny jokes or laugh when you talk about things that were painful for you. Where do you think that comes from? Me: You think my jokes are funny?

    Twitter: @wolfiegoldmine


    therapy is so funny, like hi i’m here for my crying appointment

    Twitter: @jzux


    When my therapist remembers everyone in my life’s name I’m like god ur good

    Twitter: @allisonoconor


    hate when my therapist smiles while i’m articulating a realization bc it’s like okay your face indicates you’ve known this all along (malpractice)

    Twitter: @damienkronfeld


    Hate it when my therapist is all 'Maybe you're not a piece of shit?' and I have to be all begrudgingly like 'Yes, yes, sure, maybe I'm not a piece of shit'

    Twitter: @EleanorMorton


    I feel good when my therapist helps me. but when they laugh at my jokes? i feel GREAT

    Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl


    me when I crack a joke and make my therapist laugh after sobbing for 40 straight minutes

    Twitter: @notallison2


    me: i want a therapist to call me on my bullshit my therapist: your thoughts are wrong me: ey fuck you too pal

    Twitter: @merrittk


    My therapist: Me (to myself): This is great. I’m going to get a good grade in therapy, something that is both normal to want and possible to achieve,

    Twitter: @yellowcardigan


    therapist: a lot of my clients are feeling that way right now me: ok rank us

    Twitter: @alexdrag_


    when my therapist asks how i’ve been the last two weeks

    Twitter: @KimmyMonte


    went to therapy for the first time and cracked a joke and my therapist just started writing faster what the hell was that

    Twitter: @cal_gif


    Not to brag, but my therapist called me “the queen” of shoving my emotions down 💅🏼👑

    Twitter: @cpick_


    me when my therapist says i’m self aware

    Twitter: @asherrainn


    my therapist: how are u ? me: im okay how are you?

    Twitter: @you13446686


    asked my therapist who their therapist was and went to see them. asked them the same thing until i got to the final boss therapist and defeated them with my trainwreck of a life

    Twitter: @50FirstTates


    Kinda scared to talk to a therapist cause they might ....

    Twitter: @WhoTFissim


    would be a lot easier if my therapist could just like shadow me for a day

    Twitter: @danielleweisber


    me: boom boom boom let me hear you say way-ooh therapist: way-ooh

    Twitter: @robotics


    The worst part about getting a new therapist is catching them up so I made a PowerPoint to help

    Twitter: @tessabelllle


    as a therapist i am paying u to listen to me the least u can do is giggle at the jokes i tell u 🙄

    Twitter: @sarahlugor


    Twitter: @SomewhatDamag3d


    hate when my therapist asks me "how are u" like what do u think? i'm in therapy

    Twitter: @fkamorena


    telling my therapist that things are working feels so corny and I guess that circles back to my fear of intimacy - being vulnerable and honest. god she’s good, I hate her

    Twitter: @sarahschauer