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Turns Out You Can Still Text That Trash Contact You Deleted Out Of Your Phone

Sorry to be the bearer of this bad news.

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In what might go down in history as the worst discovery on the planet, it turns out that even if the number is not in your phonebook anymore, you can still compose a new text, type in the name of the deleted contact, and it will pop up!

That's right. Even though the contact is "deleted," it's still somewhere in the abyss of the cloud. So when you type their name in the "to" field, it will show up.

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But if you start a conversation with them, their name will disappear and it will be as if it's an unsaved number in your contact book. It's confusing, I know. BUT IT HAPPENS.

Now that I've burdened you with this information, WHAT DO WE DO?

If having a conversation was the only way to solve this, then I thought that I'd be in this purgatory forever, but upon further research it seems there is a fix.

After you type CONTACT X's name, hit the info icon that comes up next to it when they pop up. Then click "Remove From Recents."

After a quick test I found that the contact was in fact gone. Poof. Just like that.

So now, you have two options: "remove from recents" and say goodbye. Or pretend that you never read any of this and see where life takes you. It's up to you. GOOD LUCK.


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