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    The Truth Has Come Out: The Messages On "The Circle" Are Actually Being Transcribed By A Real Person In Another Room


    Have you watched The Circle? It's a perfectly ridiculous reality TV competition. I love it. I live for it.

    And on the show, the contestants all use "the Circle" app to communicate with one another, which involves each person using voice dictation to speak their messages out loud and then the app writes it.

    Those messages sometimes include extremely specific emojis, and the Circle NEVER FUCKS IT UP.

    But could it be real?! COULD THE VOICE DICTATION BE *THAT* GOOD? We were all skeptical.

    i do not believe the voice-to-text capability on The Circle is this perfect so I want a spin-off following the team live transcribing everything including interpreting each player’s varying descriptions of emojis

    The truth seemed obvious.

    @carsoneisenhart I can’t get over the fact that The Circle is clearly not an AI and is just an intern pressing buttons

    There was no way!

    Wow the voice recognition technology* on The Circle is incredible. *Intern frantically transcribing people being horny on main

    Also, there were some very telling mistakes.

    whoever is the person transcribing messages in #TheCircle is 10000000% a heterosexual because they keep spelling “kiki” as “key key”

    And it turns out, yeah, it was indeed a person transcribing all the messages that were being spoken out loud. In this interview with Vulture, the creator, Tim Harcourt, finally admits what we were suspicious of all along!!!


    the fakest part of #thecircle is that the voice to text actually works send message

    Honestly, I don't even care. This changes nothing for me. I'm just glad the truth is out there and that WE WERE ALL RIGHT THE ENTIRE TIME!!!

    I wanna meet the intern who pretends to be the voice activated computer on The Circle, they the real hero 😭