22 Tweets For Anyone Who Is Currently Addicted To Watching "The Circle" On Netflix

    Message: Why do I love this show so much? SEND.


    sitting here thinking about how depressing it must be for the contestants on The Circle to sit alone in an apartment all day on social media with no real human interaction then realized I do the exact same thing but with no chance of winning a large sum of money


    Netflix has a new show called The Circle where people pretend to be other people online in order to become the most popular or as I like to call it, Twitter.


    i started watching that new reality show on netflix called the circle because i thought it’d be stupid enough to fall asleep to but i literally can’t stop watching now


    @carsoneisenhart I can’t get over the fact that The Circle is clearly not an AI and is just an intern pressing buttons



    My favorite part about #TheCircle is the lame excuses the contestants come up with to end chats. Like you're all cooped up in an apartment with nowhere to be. What important activity could possibly be on your schedule?


    #TheCircle Them trying to decifer how Miranda has tattoos in one picture and not another. 🤦🏾‍♀️😂




    karyn trying to convince her allies that antonio stood mercedeze up last night and she ain't a catfish #TheCircleNetflix #TheCircle


    #TheCircle Miranda thinks every convo she has went well, but once they leave the chat they're like.....


    Take a drink every time Shubham says “oh shit” #TheCircle


    We survived 2019 to receive Karyn in 2020. #TheCircle


    the new Netflix reality show “the circle” is wild


    I never in a million years would have thought that Joey would be my favorite person on The Circle, yet here we are.


    Mercedeze when she finds her pictures on a Netflix tv show #TheCircleNetflix


    The Circle on Netflix might be the worst reality show I have ever watched and I cannot stress enough how important it is that everyone needs to watch it


    Me: Catfishing is terrible. Nobody should do it. Also me: *genuinely enjoys watching the two people catfishing and doesn't want them to go home.* #TheCircleNetflix


    this is how i look at my tv everytime Seaburn says someones a catfish #TheCircleNetflix


    Okay..... I am three episodes in to the circle (NOT PROUD OF THAT).... but the best part of this show to me is when they're like "okay I gotta go and get ready for the day" ..... No you don't? You're locked in that apartment.


    The underappreciated supporting characters on Netflix's #TheCircle are the floor fans working tirelessly in the background to keep the cast cool. Always on, never asking for attention. Did this apartment complex not have air conditioning?!?


    me @ whichever Netflix exec decided to green-light a US version of #TheCircle