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    Troye Sivan Helped A Girl Come Out To Her Mom At His Concert And It's All So Perfect


    Troye Sivan is the truly amazing artist who is currently on tour for his new album Blue Neighbourhood.

    During the D.C. show last night, Troye took the time to read a note to the crowd that was given to him by a girl named Kelly. It was to her mom β€” who was also in the crowd β€” saying that she is bisexual.

    Troye reading @tronnorpleaz's note tonight coming out to her Mom (πŸ“·: @tronnorpleaz)

    Obviously Part 1 of the perfection of this whole thing is Troye (who is openly gay) reading the note, and then running over to the fan to blow her a kiss.

    But Part 2 of the perfection is the aftermath of the whole thing. Here's a video of Kelly and her mom reuniting after the show (and the reading of the note). There are happy tears, and "I love yous," and basically it's wonderful.

    well. here it is.😌😌😌 shout out to @8BitNoob for recording

    Clearly Kelly has an amazing mother.

    so I showed my mom the video of me running to her after the concert(she hadn't seen it) she said "we're so cute!"

    And also this is further proof that Troye Sivan is the greatest, and this note-tactic should definitely be added to the list of flawless ways to come out.

    @troyesivan THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY NOTE πŸ’žπŸ’ž(I'm the bisexual girl)I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

    Now let's all listen to "Youth" together.

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