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    I Love That Tom Holland Wore Zendaya's Name On The Back Of The Jersey He Was Wearing And She Did The Same With His Name

    I'm jealous.

    Hunter Schafer, Zendaya, and Tom Holland went to a hockey game together, and even though I should not care about famous people this much, I'm also experiencing extreme friend-group envy.

    Like, I want to be a part of this inner circle.

    But even better than the three of them going on a group date are their jerseys. Hunter's says her name on it, which makes sense.

    But Zendaya wore the one with Tom's name on it...

    ...and he wore the one with her name on it.

    It's cute because it's like they are in the 1950s wearing each other's varsity jerseys or something. GOING STEADY FOR GOOD.

    Anyway, I love them all and hope to be invited next time.