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27 Times In 2013 Neil Patrick Harris' Family Was Cuter Than Yours

I'm sure you have a cute family, but this one is just the CUTEST.

1. When NPH snapped this photo of David and their kids reading a book together:

2. When the four of them met Beast and they were all beaming:

3. When their first Halloween costumes were absolutely perfect and incomparable:

4. That's until we saw their SECOND costumes, and those were ever better and more amazing:

5. When the fam was caught in this adorable moment just being cute together:

6. And when they all went flying and David was reading Gideon a book and it melted your heart:

7. When Harper's headband fell and both David and Neil hurried to fix it for her...

...and like the perfect dads they are, they did and she was happy.

8. When the dads gave the kids shoulder rides through the city and they all wore fashionable sunglasses:

9. When the gang went to the Smurfs 2 movie premiere and they all kind of matched and David got bunny ears from the movie poster:

10. When they took the kids to the Frozen premiere and Neil shared this adorable picture of them loving every moment:

11. When David serenaded Neil because they are a perfect couple:

12. When Neil took this photo of David in their clearly perfect home filled with crudites:

13. When they all wore stripes and sunglasses and looked chic:

14. When this happened:

15. And this happened:

16. Basically any time they were at an event all together...

17. ...and were caught candidly looking beyond precious:

18. When the kids were in a wagon and Neil and David were proud dads:

19. When David presented Neil with this birthday cake:

20. When this moment of love was captured:

21. When Neil shared this photo of the twins being adorable getting ready for Christmas:

22. When David and Neil wore these outfits and looked completely flawless together:

23. When the family went to Disneyland and rode on all the rides...

24. ...and enjoyed the teacups:

25. And had the best photo op with Mickey:

26. When Neil uploaded this photo with this caption and IT WAS LITERALLY THE CUTEST THING EVER.

27. And when David created a nationwide scavenger hunt for Neil's birthday and it was the most romantic thing ever:

<3 <3 <3 <3