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    22 Times "Family Feud" Contestants Were Completely And 100% Accurate

    And Steve Harvey was in awe of their genius.

    1. This guy? Accurate.

    2. This man? He's not wrong.

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    3. This woman? Honestly, true.

    Game Show NEtwork

    4. This guy? No lies here.

    5. This guy is definitely right.

    6. This man is also absolutely correct in this.

    7. This lady is definitely not lying.

    Game Show NEtwork

    8. Can't argue here!

    9. Seems about right!

    10. This is just science!

    11. This lady? Yeah, she knows what she's talkin' about!

    12. So does this one!

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    13. This guy? OK, this is questionable.

    Game Show NEtwork

    14. BUT THIS woman is definitely right about this.

    15. This dude? Not wrong!

    16. And this lady? Well if that isn't the cold hard truth!!!

    Game Show NEtwork

    17. I've seen crazier!

    Game Show NEtwork

    18. He's just speaking the truth!!

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    19. Same with this guy!

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    20. I wouldn't know, but I can guarantee he isn't wrong.

    Game Show NEtwork

    21. And this lady certainly only speaks facts.

    Game Show NEtwork

    22. In conclusion, true geniuses here.