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    You'll Only Understand This Post If The TI-83 Plus Calculator Got You Through School

    An ode to my good ol' friend.

    Once upon a time, this thing was more precious than your entire life.

    And you know what, even though you'd be forced to go into bankruptcy to buy it, this handy little guy was still worth every penny.


    Maybe you were oneof the lucky few who had the clear version.

    Look at this beaut. When you have a TI-83 Plus Silver, you have it for life.

    Or one of ~them~ with the TI-84. We saw you. We know who you were.

    i can't believe there was time when i was jealous my friend had the ti-84 plus silver edition calculator and i only had ti-83

    But the TI-83 Plus was where it was really at.

    I’ll sell my soul before I sell my ti 83 plus

    It was all powerful.

    Generating random integers on my TI-83 Plus is the only time I feel truly alive

    I mean, it had power but it was difficult to harness.

    Spamming you guys with all my throwback pics today ha ha. TI-83 Plus...still don't know what 85% of those buttons do

    And yah, sure it did math things. But more importantly it did other things.

    This is what the TI-83 Plus is all about.

    You wanna graph shapes n' shit? You got it.

    You wanna graph songs and shit? YAH, DOES THAT TOO (but only if you're

    Don’t ask how or why, but I present to you: Super Smash Bros, Brawl in D minor. Graphed on a TI-83 Plus. (@Harvard please let me in)

    Block dude wasn't just a game. It was a movement.

    I mean damn, Puzzle Pack. I owe u my life.

    My friggin' life!!!

    This wasn't just a calculator. It was the source of...everything.

    So yah, you could call us coders, nbd.

    I just successfully programmed a new function into my trusty TI-83 Plus on the first try

    So thank you TI-83 for being such a good friend throughout the years.

    thinking about swapping out my iPhone 7 for a Ti-83

    You served us well.

    TI 83 plus has rly been holding all my cheat sheets from eighth grade thru undergrad i am getting emotional

    And no matter what they say now, you are priceless to me.