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This Pic Of Kris Jenner Forked Me Up

WhO in the wat!

Listen up y'all, cause this is it! The picture that broke me! Well actually, Cardi B's shoes broke me first. But this picture broke me more! I'm just broken!

Anyway, it's this pic of Kim Kardash— I MEAN KRIS JENNER.

I was just scrolling through my feed when I saw this 4-day-old picture and thought, HEY WHAT UH, WHOZITS?!

You see, I understand they are mother and daughter and that they look alike and have looked freakishly similar before!

BUT THIS WAS ON A DIFFERENT LEVEL!! This was something else entirely! This fucked with my brain! I legitimately experienced a major lapse in which I was genuinely confused about which Kardashian/Jenner this was for .5 seconds of my sad life!

And because I have too much free time I put Kim's face on the pic. Wow. You practically can't see the difference.

Instagram kinda / Via

And because I have waaaYYyyyyy too much free time I aged said face just a bit, for authenticity.

Instagram kinda / Via

And now I'll use the *blows dust off the shelves* good ol' slidey thing to further prove my point that this pic is just one big heckin' brain fork. / Via http:// / Via http:// / Via http://

So there you have it! A photo of Kris Jenner that freaked me out because I thought it was Kim Kardashian. Crazy, I know!!!!!!!!**

P.S. I am home sick and currently on a regulated but hefty amount of meds. Please forgive me for all of the above.

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