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    Welp, It Happened, Cardi B's Shoes Broke My Brain

    I use the word shoes lightly.

    Listen, I'm no fashionista but I do have eyes. And I just gotta be honest and ask, who in the what in the when in the heck are those shoes?

    YAH, THESE "SHOES" โ€” if that's what they're even called.

    Let me zoom in closer so we can all inspect them together. Basically she's got a shoe on another shoe, but it's one shoe.

    But it looks like two shoes, so she kinda is wearing four shoes.

    But they are definitely one unit, whether they've been melted together and conjoined to make one shoe...

    ...or perhaps they were born like this.

    I DON'T KNOW, OKAY!!! All I know is these shoes have done it.



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