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    This Musical Number In "High School Musical" Is The Most Emo Thing To Ever Exist

    You can't argue science.

    In the past I have talked about how "Bet On It" was the greatest musical number in High School Musical. But four years later — and four years wiser — I have realized that I may have been wrong.

    Because now I know that actually "Scream," the musical number from High School Musical 3 is actually the best. And also the most emo. More emo than Peter Parker in Spiderman 3. And that's really emo!!!


    Let's discuss, shall we?

    The performance starts off with Troy getting a massive migraine. The migraine can most likely be traced back to being emotional, aka EMO.

    And then all of a sudden basketballs come raining down from the ceiling. Troy is confused and angsty.

    And then, like a true emo kid™️ he doesn't know what to do with the basketball. So he plays hot potato with it!

    Then things take a turn. We are only like, 20 seconds into the song when he starts dancing like a sad, sad boy!

    And then the emotions REALLY flood in, and he starts an invisible mosh pit! He's literally moshing! Also I think I see an X on his hand.

    Then the room starts spinning, which is probably a side effect of the migraine, which was originally caused by being emo.

    And then I'm 120% positive he does a quick change into Heelys to slide down the hallway. Which isn't so much emo as it is punk-rock, but whatever.

    Moving on! Troy continues to display a range of EMOtions (Hi Carly Rae Jepson).

    He's literally expressing each and every angsty bone in his body by moving around like a true emocore dude.

    Then he basically cries into a wall and kicks the air.

    And then spins around so fast even I'm discombobulated!!!!!!!!!!

    He grasps the banister with so much feeling and furor, I almost thought he was at a Taking Back Sunday concert.

    And it goes on! There is no stopping a teenager with feelings!!!! He literally summons lightening from the sky!!!!

    He is bursting with sadness and fist clenches.

    And then he crab walks up the stairs. I have no idea if this related to being emo or not, but it probably does.

    ANYWAY. Then Troy is mad at his dad.

    And takes a death defying leap that clearly he did not think through, because it could have ended badly. He got lucky this time!

    Then Troy vandalizes his school's property. Ripping down a gigantic poster that is probably not easy to put up!!!

    And then he humps these ropes which is just confusing and weird!!!

    Finally, towards the end of the performance he tries to curb his emotions, by doing yoga. That pose is called side plank.

    But it doesn't work. He ends up more emo than ever before.

    In conclusion:

    Enjoy the full scene here if you wanna feel emo:

    View this video on YouTube

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