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This Man Went OFF On The Los Angeles Police Commission During A Zoom Call And Honestly, You Gotta Listen

He yields his time.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Police Commission held a live Zoom meeting during which residents of LA were able to call in and were given a set amount of time to speak.

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The Zoom participants included LAPD Chief of Police Michael Moore, who just a couple of days ago said that George Floyd's "death is on [protesters' and looters'] hands, as much as it is on those officers'."

The viral video of LAPD Chief Michael Moore that hit 3.2 million views was privated. Here it is for anybody who needs to download it. He explicitly said George Floyd's "death is on [protestors' and looters'] hands, as much as it is on those officers'." He needs to be fired.

He has since tweeted an apology for those remarks.

Enter this man, named Jeremy, who called in and had 30 seconds to voice his complaints. And let me tell you, he didn't waste one millisecond of it.

“suck my dick and choke on it” 😭😭

You heard all of that correctly. He said:

"Black Lives Matter, defund the police. I find it disgusting that the LAPD is slaughtering peaceful protesters on the street. I had two friends go to the protest in Beverly Hills a couple days ago and the protest was peaceful until the police showed up with their excessive, violent force, shooting rubber bullets and throwing tear gas. Is this what you think of protect and serving? Because I think it's BULLSHIT. Fuck you Michael Moore, I refuse to call you an officer or a chief because you don't deserve those titles. You are a disgrace. Suck my dick and choke on it. I yield my time, FUCK YOU!"

Here's a higher quality version of the call, showing the comments that were rolling on through.

@23rdButterfly higher quality version with chat, lmfao salute this man!✊🏾

Listeners were loving it.

Fully supporting Jeremy.

This guy Ron thought it was better than Netflix.

Basically, this man's words will echo for some time to come.

The New Haiku for a revolution: Suck my dick And choke on it I yield my time Fuck you

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