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    30 Things Google Maps Can Help You Find

    Have no fear, whatever you need, Google streetview can find it for you.

    1. Some guys fixing a car:

    2. A seagul who just picked up lunch:

    3. A man with no head:

    4. A woman with three legs:

    5. And this guy with TWO BODIES

    6. A girl who just fell off her bike:

    7. And a rollerblader down:

    8. A dude watering nature's green earth:

    9. Another dude making sure those trees grow:

    10. And a kid shitting in a field:

    11. A dog going shopping:

    12. This nice lady gardening:

    13. A family sized scooter:


    15. An old man and his spirit 20 feet behind:

    16. A tiger wandering the streets:

    17. A Dude checking some girls out:

    18. A guy to dust your house:

    19. A baby:

    20. A guy just reading the paper like everyone else:

    21. A loving couple:

    22. A half-car:

    23. The smoke monster from "Lost"

    24. A tee-peed house:

    25. A school of segways:

    26. A running box:


    28. A gaggle of C-3POs:

    29. WALDO!

    30. And Jesus.

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