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    Updated on Aug 21, 2020. Posted on Mar 1, 2013

    30 Things Google Maps Can Help You Find

    Have no fear, whatever you need, Google streetview can find it for you.

    1. Some guys fixing a car:

    2. A seagul who just picked up lunch:

    3. A man with no head:

    4. A woman with three legs:

    5. And this guy with TWO BODIES

    6. A girl who just fell off her bike:

    7. And a rollerblader down:

    8. A dude watering nature's green earth:

    9. Another dude making sure those trees grow:

    10. And a kid shitting in a field:

    11. A dog going shopping:

    12. This nice lady gardening:

    13. A family sized scooter:


    15. An old man and his spirit 20 feet behind:

    16. A tiger wandering the streets:

    17. A Dude checking some girls out:

    18. A guy to dust your house:

    19. A baby:

    20. A guy just reading the paper like everyone else:

    21. A loving couple:

    22. A half-car:

    23. The smoke monster from "Lost"

    24. A tee-peed house:

    25. A school of segways:

    26. A running box:


    28. A gaggle of C-3POs:

    29. WALDO!

    30. And Jesus.

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