These Are Some Of The Most Expensive Celebrities You Can Book On The Cameo App

    A place to pay a lot of money for a shout out from a celeb.

    If you don't know what Cameo is, it's basically this website where you can pay a famous person to record a really short video for a cost. The celebrity has a price (that they set) and you book their Cameo, with instructions on what to say, and then you get a video from them..

    Like this: Here's a Cameo that someone got of Gilbert Gottfried where they requested he read a book excerpt.

    Here's Gilbert Gottfried reading an excerpt from Robert Caro's "The Power Broker" that I paid $150 for on Cameo AND YES IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY AND NO I STILL CANNOT FINISH THE BOOK

    And here's one of Gary Busey in which he wishes a man named Mike a happy 40th birthday on behalf of Mike's family, and then goes to a weirder, darker place.

    Gary Busey is better than everyone else on Cameo. Here is one example.

    Anddd here's Tara Reid, explaining that she's available to be booked on Cameo, and can wish your dad a happy father's day if you'd like!!! (Father's day is over now, but maybe next year.)

    Happy Fathers Day!!! Go to and request me and I can wish him a Happy Father’s Day for you!! Get 10% off on a cameo from me this Fathers Day weekend with my code dadsday. I hope everyone has a safe and loving Fathers Day weekend!!! 💜

    So anyway, here are the most expensive celebrities on Cameo.

    Caitlyn Jenner is the most expensive, her Cameo costs $2500.00.

    Kevin from Shark Tank costs $999.00.

    Gary Payton (sportz guy) is $625.00.

    Christy Carlson Romano aka Ren Stevens is $500.00.

    Marcus Lemonis (some rich guy) is $500.00.

    Chris Harrison, the host of The Bachelor, is $550.00.

    Brett Favre is $500.00.

    Billy Zane aka Cal from Titanic costs $500.00.

    Snoop Dogg costs $500.00.

    Marlon Wayans is also $500.00.

    Brian Austin Green costs $400.00.

    Gary Busey is $350.00.

    Charlie Sheen's price is $350.00.

    Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) is $333.00.

    Andddd Leslie David Baker, aka Stanley from The Office is $300.00.

    If you don't have that kind of money to spend on like, a 30 second video, then consider Ryan Cabrera. His only costs $40.00.