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The Top 16 SNL Characters We'll Miss

Earlier this week Abby Elliot announced she would not be returning to SNL. With her, Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and maybe Jason Sudeikis leaving, we are losing many of our favorite characters. These are the ones we'll miss the most.

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16. Jesus

Since this one is only a maybe, it's at the top of the list. But if Jason does leave, he'll take away the best Jesus we've ever had.

15. Scrooge McDuck

You might not remember Scrooge McDuck, but never seeing Andy Samberg with a duck bill again makes me want to cry.

14. Zooey Deschanel

Abby as Zooey Deschanel was one of her best characters and it will be a real shame when there is no one to make fun of her "adorkable-ness"


13. 1920's party girl

This is one of my all-time favorite Wiig characters. Her completely self-involved and oblivious character is hilarious. Don't make her leave!

12. Garth and Kat

Another Kristin Wiig character (and Fred Armisen)! Their timing is impeccable and I'm still not sure whether they practice this before hand. Weekend Update won't be the same without them.

11. Rosie Pope

If you've never heard of Rosie Pope, then just watch this sketch because Abby's impression is spot on and incredibly funny. Rosie's show "Pregnant in Heels" is still on TV but sadly won't be parodied on SNL anymore, at least not with Abby.

10. Angelina Jolie

Another of Abby's awesome impressions, this time as Angelina Jolie.


9. Hollywood Dish reporters

This is the perfect satire of hollywood reporters, but without Kristen it can't exist!!

8. Liza Manelli

Another great character from Kristen Wiig comes in the form of a spacey and quirky Liza Manelli. So... not that different from real life.

7. All the digital short characters

Andy Samberg is the heart and soul of the digital shorts. I don't know what SNL will do in the upcoming seasons. Maybe go back to TV Funhouse?


I listen to this song as real music. Because it is.



And of course his and Justin Timberlake's duets will be missed. The Lonely Island Forever <3.

4. Kathie Lee and Hoda

This sketch actually made me want to watch The Today Show's 4th hour just so I could compare the real Kathie Lee to Kristen's. I like Kristen's way better.

3. Penelope

The legendary one-upper. Ugh what will we do without her!

2. Super Showcase Girls

This sketch can't really be replicated anyway because it was so amazing the first time (everyone breaking character probably had something to do with that), but the fact that we won't get to see it again it depressing.

1. Rebecca Larue

We only saw her once, but arguably it was Wiigs best character EVER, and maybe the best sketch of last season.

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