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    Posted on Sep 26, 2012

    The Top 14 Styles Of Suits Of Armor

    If you want to be a knight, you have to get a suit of armor. These are the top 14 styles right now.

    This silver one with a peplum feature:

    This dark gray one with bars in the hood:

    This bronzy colored one with a skirt-like feature:

    This classic silver one:

    This silver one with a flared skirt feature:

    This textured silver one:

    This silver and maroon one:

    This gold one:

    This silver and gold one:

    This silver one with extra neck protection:

    This thick silver one with elbow details:

    This silver one with even more elbow details:

    This tin one:

    And if you want to make a real statement, this printed one:

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