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The Real Reason Everyone Should Actually Move To Canada

By golly, it's the candy.

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If you live in America like me, then I feel sorry for you, because when you walk into any old American market, this is what you find:

They are Reese's peanut butter cups. That isn't the issue obviously. The problem is with the number. The package comes with two cups. That's right, TWO CUPS.

I bet you've been living your life in America thinking this is fine. That two cups is perfectly OK. But guess what? IT'S NOT. IT'S UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and I now know this thanks to Canada.

I was visiting Toronto, minding my own business, just trying to stay out of trouble, when I happened upon something in the candy aisle. They were Reese' packages of THREE CUPS.

That's each pack, there were a total of three cups. And this isn't some stunt or special packaging, this is the norm. THE NORM I SAY!!!!!



It was then I knew I needed to move to Canada. So I let my friends know via Snapchat that they'd never see me again.

That night I slept with my new partner in life.

The following morning I stared at it in bed.

Hello dollface.

Hello dollface.

Today I began my new Canadian life by opening up my sweet package. I counted my blessings. There was one cup.

Then there were two.

And just when you think there are no more Reese's left to enjoy (thanks to American society!), there actually IS another one to enjoy. A third. A little beautiful baby boy.