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26 Of The Most Legendary Celebrity Selfies Of All Time

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a selfie is worth 3,000.

1. The "Beyonce makes a face"


2. The "Pooping Bieber"

3. The "Nic Cage on a plane"

4. The "Hamm rests on Braff's shoulder"

5. The "Bret and Don ride a bus"

6. The "Kanye's on the phone"

7. The "Brooklyn Decker derp face"

8. The "Hanx"

9. The "Rebel and Anne"

10. The "Selfie of myselfie" starring Elijah Wood


11. The "Chrissy Teigen ugly face"

12. The "Chris Pratt has abs"

13. The "Conan and Paul Rudd smoosh face"

14. The "Tyra Banks is an actual alien"

15. The "Harry Potter and JGL happy time"

16. The "Conan and Ricky Bubble Bath Time"

17. The "Meryl and Hillary"

Image by Meryl Streep donated to Shutter To Think. There you can purchase the photo with a donation to your charity of choice.

18. The "Oprah and her bouquet"

19. The "Neil Patrick Harris photobomb"

20. The "Baby is terrified by Hilary Duff"

21. The "James Franco and face pads"

22. The "50 Cent Speaks to His Haters"

23. The "Snoop Dogg pancake face"

24. The "Tyler, The Creator and tiny sunglasses"

25. The "Diddy and Mona Lisa"

26. And the "Eminem and Mona Lisa"

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