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The 22 Most Emo And Punk Moments From "The High School Musical" Triology

Teen angst + singing = me.

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1. When Chad made it clear that he played baseball but did NOT dance.

2. When Troy encouraged this kid to murder a golf ball.

3. When Sharpay threatened to stick a pin in her eyes.

4. When Troy just wanted to play AND sing.

5. When Sharpay had to question the character of her own brother.

6. When Gabriella requested an exorcism.

7. When Troy was like, "No. Here's to right now."

8. When Chad wanted to know the answer to his completely hypothetical question.

9. When Troy wasn't afraid...but he was scared.

10. When Chad and Troy talked too loud in the library.

11. When Sharpay literally wanted someone to disappear off the face of the planet.

12. When Troy's future was unfolding and he wasn't ready for it.

13. When Sharpay did not understand.

14. When Troy was feeling wrong while singing a song.

15. When Taylor wanted the other students to grab life by the balls.

16. When Troy asked this important question.

17. When Troy and Chad were all, ~brothers 4ever.~

18. When Sharpay dissed the greatest skateboarder of all time, Tony Hawk.

19. When Troy proclaimed today as the day.

20. When Gabriella wanted to manipulate time.

21. When Troy basically made everyone sell their soul to the high school mascot.

22. And finally, this entire scene:

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