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    The Hot French Guy From "Passport To Paris" Is Not Actually French But He's Still Hot!

    Ya learn somethin' new everyday!

    Unless you're this guy and literally livin' under a rock...

    ...then I assume you know the movie Passport To Paris. One of the Olsen twins' best work!!

    And if I have assumed that correctly then you'll also remember the qt french boys in the movie, Jean and Michel.

    Jean seems like a nice guy, but we'll get to him later.

    First let's discuss Michel, aka French guy with a bucket hat.

    He was inarguably the cuter garçon français. SORRY, JEAN!!

    Honestly, at that age (and when I was straight) I thought he was hot!!!

    But also, in the movie basically all he said was, "oui oui oui, bonjour petit fromage!"

    But guess what. HE'S NOT FRENCH AT ALL!!!

    Nope!!! He's just the American actor, from LA, Ethan Peck.

    HOWEVER. He is still hot. Some might say...hotter.

    Feast your eyes on adult Ethan.

    Yes, that little french boy is now this American man.

    And kinda looks like Adam Brody?

    Anyway, in this random video I found on Youtube you can see both the points I made in the headline of this post. One, that he's not French. Two, that he's still hot!

    View this video on YouTube

    And guess what else. HIS GRANDPA IS GREGORY PECK!! AKA Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird.

    So now that we know that Michel is not French but is still hot, as promised here's an update on Jean.

    He is ALSO not French, and this is him as an adult American man:

    His real name is Brocker Way and get dis...he's friggin' KURT RUSSELL'S NEPHEW!!!!!

    Also, he's a composer now and did the music for Wild Wild Country — that docuseries everyone was obsessed with a month ago.

    THERE YOU HAVE IT! The Passport To Paris guys are all grown up and...NOT FRENCH!!!!!!! ORE REVWAR!!!!