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    The Guy Who Plays David's Boyfriend On "Schitt's Creek" Was The Voice Of Franklin The Turtle


    If you watch Schitt's Creek then you know Patrick, David's boyfriend (<3 <3 <3).

    CBC Television

    In real life his name is Noah Reid (btw he's engaged to a woman in real life case you were about to google that info).

    CBC Television

    But Noah Reid aka Patrick isn't just David's boyfriend from Schitt's Creek.

    CBC Television

    He had a career before that people!!! And one of his early roles as a child actor in Canada was as Franklin Turtle.


    Yes, *the* Franklin Turtle with a six-pack!


    By the way, Franklin Turtle is Franklin Turtle the Turtle. HIS NAME IS FRANKLE TURTLE. Turtle is his last name and also he is a turtle. This has nothing to do with what this post is really about, but it's an important side note that has thrown me!



    So yes, Noah Reid aka Patrick was the voice of Franklin Turtle!!


    You can hear his little pre-pubescent voice if you watch this full-length episode of Franklin that I found on YouTube.

    View this video on YouTube

    That's all!!!


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