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The Dark World Of Wearing Sweatpants To Fashion Week

I wore sweatpants to a fashion show and was scared for my safety.* *Dramatization.

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After taking these photos, I went inside for a fashion show. When I first entered the tents I was feeling nervous and insecure. I was in sweatpants, for crying out loud! I was an ugly duckling! I was a sore thumb in a sea of beautiful not-sore thumbs. I was a human on planet Krypton!

I walked briskly to get to my seat hoping no one would notice I wasn't one of them. I could feel people looking at me thinking, Where is her dress? Where are her heels? Why hasn't she washed her hair in two days?

Then I realized how ridiculous those thoughts were, so I embraced the situation that I voluntarily (and proudly) put myself in, and decided to show off my sweatpant attire. And DAMN it felt good.

This is what happened next:


Actually I strutted. Because I am fashion forward and strutting is cool.

In conclusion: I'm not really sure if people thought it was weird and HORRIBLE that I was wearing sweatpants, or just that they thought it was weird and horrible that I was acting like an idiot. To be honest my outfit wasn't that strange compared with many outfits I saw over the course of fashion week. After all, it was just sweatpants, and sweatpants RULE.

All photos taken by Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed.