The 17 Best Moments From Miley Cyrus’ SNL Appearance

The hair nubbins were in full force and she pretty much rocked it.

1. The triumphant return of the hair nubbins:

2. When she addressed the midriff police:

3. When she revealed the truth behind Hannah Montana’s disappearance:


4. When Bobby was naked on a wrecking ball.

5. When present-day Miley and Old Miley met:

6. When she killed it singing “Wrecking Ball”:

Watch the whole performance here.

7. When she played the MTV version of Hillary Clinton:

8. When Miley became “gay for flowers”:

9. When Christolph Waltz was enchanted by her Scarlett Johansson:

10. When Miley shook her booty as Dina.

11. When she was about to have sex with new cast member Kyle:

12. And then redid his dressing room to make it 20 times cooler:

13. Yolanda. Yolanda Natalie Portman.

14. When she sang a stripped-down version of “We Can’t Stop” with three guitarists.

Watch the whole performance here.

15. When she played the twerking version of Michele Bachmann:

16. And licked Abraham Lincoln:

17. And this backstage pic just because it’s awesome:

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