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    Posted on Jan 31, 2014

    The 36 Greatest Moments From One Direction's "Midnight Memories" Video

    So much meat eating.

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    1. When Louis was sitting on the couch making this face:

    2. And this face:

    3. And squirming around because the people next to him were being rude and making out all over the place:

    4. When Zayn was chilling with this dog whose paws were in his lap:

    5. When Harry made his entrance and did his usual hand singing thing:

    6. And then turned around really fast and was like, "OW!"

    7. And told us to shush with his perfect little finger:

    8. When Niall looked confused because that stupid girl was ignoring him...

    9. And then the camera panned to Zayn and his face was in the most perfect lighting and he looked like this:

    10. While Harry stood there doing this:

    11. When they left the party and Louis led the group with his hands in his pockets:

    12. And Zayn giggled and laughed and we all smiled:

    13. When they burst into the kebab shop and all their mouths were open:

    14. Especially Louis' who was doing this while his hair framed his face:

    15. When Niall bit off a huge chunk of that meat and showed everyone how manly he was:

    16. And Harry wore an apron and a little hat and was ruler of the kebabs:

    17. When Louis was like "LOOK AT THE CHILI SAUCE!!!"

    18. And Zayn loved looking at the chili sauce:

    19. When Louis gave Liam a purple nurple:

    20. And Harry sat all the way in the back and was jealous about it:

    21. When Niall recreated Titanic:

    22. When Harry's hair was all wet and he turned around with that perfect smile and pointed:

    23. When Harry mouthed the two most perfect words that Harry Styles could mouth at you.

    24. When Louis got to touch the delicate tips of Niall's precious lips.

    25. When Louis made this smoldering look on a scooter.

    26. And this smoldering look at Zayn.

    27. When Harry proved to be the most precious scooter driver in the world.

    28. When they all sang around this couple making out and their faces were literally perfection.

    29. When Liam put his arms around Louis and they looked like the cutest couple ever to walk on to a big boat together.

    30. Literally every single moment of Harry Styles' gaping mouth.


    32. When Harry jumped over this rail and you could see his tight white underwear.

    33. The entire perfection that is this face and hair and neck and chest.

    34. When Harry wagged his tongue and instantly changed millions of lives.

    35. And when he smiled the most perfect smile.

    36. And literally every one of these faces.

    Watch the entire video here:

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