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    The 20 Best Moments From The Season Premiere Of "American Idol"

    Alternate title: several of the best diva reactions on the season premiere of American Idol, and other stuff.

    1. This Mariah reaction:

    2. This Mariah reaction:

    3. And when Mariah sang along:

    4. When Nicki did the lawn mower while calling Mariah a bitch:

    5. And Mariah's reaction to that:

    6. That furry thing on the table:

    7. When the judges referenced "Mean Girls":

    8. James Bae:

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    9. James Bae dancing:

    10. And Nicki Minaj's hair getting caught in James Bae's glasses:

    11. Whenever Nicki did this:

    12. Nicki air-strangling Mariah:

    13. What Mariah said about "All I Want for Christmas Is You"

    Editor's note: That is the best Christmas song ever.

    14. This reaction to Mariah asking to keep a photo a contestant showed her:

    It was actually a photo of the contestant with Mariah back when she attended Camp Mariah. Mariah eventually gave it back, but asked for a photocopy.

    15. The introduction of THE TURBANATOR:

    16. And this bit they did along with it:

    17. This face:

    18. This guy and his squeaky red suit:

    19. When this girl sang "Super Bass":

    20. And finally, this photo of Nicki:

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