Proof That Taylor Swift Gave A Girl $90 To Eat At Chipotle

    OK Taylor, this one wins.

    Last week Taylor Swift went to Central Park where she did a bunch of fun things, including helping this random girl off a rowboat...

    ...and then taking a picture with her.

    Well, Twitter is kinda neat because look, the girl's friend uploaded the photo that was taken from the rowboat and now life has come full circle.

    In New York City celebrating my friend's birthday, we went for a boat ride and we found Taylor swift

    BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because another person responded to that tweet and asked what Taylor was like...

    @Acoustic_Garcia dude that's amazing you are so lucky congrats. What was she like? :)

    To which the friend responded with this...

    @MeldyC really nice! She even gave my friend a little gift!

    And then obviously the other person asked what we all wanted to know.

    @Acoustic_Garcia aw that's so sweet. What did she give her and how long did you get to talk to her for? :)


    @MeldyC 90 dollars! Lmao she told taylor that we were going to chipotle and taylor just gave her tht !

    Yes Taylor Swift gave a fan $90 dollars to go eat a meal at Chiptole and the proof is in the pictures from that day. Taylor opened up her purse.

    And gave the girl money.


    And that girl was gifted with enough money for 12 entire burritos. 12 BURRITOS.

    What a beautiful day all thanks to Taylor Swift the Chipotle goddess.

    Thanks to this post for bringing this to everyone's attention.