13 Steps To Visiting Central Park Like Taylor Swift

Because she does it right.

1. First - leave apartment and make sexy eyes with the camera.

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2. Second - walk through the park. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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3. Third - Make your way down some majestic garden steps….IN HEELS!!!

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4. Fourth - stop to take a picture with fans and assist in the picture taking!

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5. Fifth - stop again for some street music. Decide it’s good enough to give money for.

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6. Sixth - pull out a JACKSON (that’s a twenty).

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7. Seventh - Put that jackson in the musician’s bag while several bystanders gawk at you.

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8. Eighth - Continue on your merry way and smile!

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9. Ninth - sit to relax in a gazebo by the pond.

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10. Tenth- continue relaxing in that gazebo. No one else in this world will ever be able to relax in this gazebo as perfectly and poised as you.

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11. Eleventh- continue to prove that when you sit in a gazebo it’s the best gazebo moment that ever happened.

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12. Twelfth - greet fans who have paddled over to your gazebo to say hello and lend them your hand to stabalize their boat.

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13. And lastly, leave the park looking as pristine as when you arrived even though everyone else is sweaty and gross because they just walked around a park during a hot summer day in new york city.

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