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Posted on Oct 15, 2014

22 Struggles Every Pair Of Roommates Goes Through

Did they really just leave that light on.

1. The blinding terror that this is.

2. The parental visit.

3. Trying to act natural.

4. Being the designated walker.

5. The pizza roll problem.

6. This.

7. The wishful body swap.

8. The noise. All the noise.

9. The No. 2 dilemma.

10. This horror.

11. Opening the fridge to this.

12. The hideout.

13. The secondhand wake-up.

14. This utter nonsense.

15. Trying to be cool.

16. Being forever alone.

17. When your roommate has friends come over, but your roommate isn't home yet.

18. When your stuff magically disappears.

19. The wrong time for anything.

20. This crushing sight.

21. When this happens.

22. And the never-ending bed standoff.

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