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Step By Step Guide For Surviving A Robot Uprising

The gang over at Epipheo interviewed Daniel H. Wilson — author of "Robopocalypse: A Novel"— to find out exactly how to survive a robot uprising and then made this awesome animated video to go along with it. In case you learn better via lists, we've got that for you too.

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First, know what a robot is. Robots come in all shapes and sizes. Like:

1. Some cars

2. Some pets and toys

3. Humanoid robots

Next, know when your robot might be uprising. Beware of signs like this:

4. Watch out for glowing red eyes

5. And spinning saws meant to cut off your leg

Understand how to fight back:

6. DO NOT PUNCH. Robots are usually made of metal or steel, you will lose.

7. Instead use a machine gun

8. And aim it at its sensors. Remember the sensors.

What if you just want to get away because you are too scared to fight? There are options:

9. Hide under a car

10. Hide in water! The robot can't go in water, duh!

11. Run in random patterns

12. See, it won't understand your random running

But what if the robot is HUGE? Try these tactics:


14. Aim your bazooka gun at it's leg to imobilize it

Just remember this:


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