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    27 Songs That Every Lesbian Will Scream Along To (While Having A Somewhat Chill Night At Home With Friends)


    We know what songs gays yell about, but what about us lesbians? Wonder no more.

    1. Tegan and Sara - "Closer"

    Warner Bros. / Via

    This one is so obvious that I put it first just to get it over with. But yeah it's a perfect song and If you're a lesbian who disagrees then we have a problem.

    2. Robyn - "Call Your Girlfriend"


    3. Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car"

    Just got gayer.

    4. "Fast Car" REMIX for the modern lez.

    View this video on YouTube

    But also there's this version which is good if you're more into trop-pop.

    5. T.a.T.u - "All The Things She said"

    Lol it's bad, but duh.

    6. Demi Lovato - "Cool For The Summer"

    Demi is hot and this song is good! No more questions.

    7. Stevie Nicks - "The Edge Of Seventeen"

    YES. Turn it louder!!!!!

    8. Haim - "The Wire"

    Haimsbians will understand!!!

    9. La Roux - "Bulletproof"

    A masterpiece!

    10. Cheryl Crowe - "If It Makes You Happy"

    It's like angsty, but so good.

    11. Katy Perry - "I Kissed A Girl"

    Capitol Records

    I mean, lame but kinda true. We all kissed girls...and liked it!!

    12. Tegan and Sara - "I Couldn't Be Your Friend"

    I could basically put all Tegan And Sara songs on this list tbh.

    13. Rent - "Take Me Or Leave Me"

    You KNOW someone is gonna be like "PUT ON TAKE ME BABY OR LEAVE ME!!" And when it comes up, it's gon' be littttttt.

    14. Melissa Etheridge - "Come To My Window"

    Everyone is three beers deeps and belting Melissa Etheridge. All is right in the world!

    15. Lady Gaga - "Born This Way"


    16. The Veronicas - "Untouched"

    Don't fight it!

    17. Khia - "My Neck, My Back"


    18. Robyn - "Dancing On My Own"

    Konichiwa Records

    Robyn again because oF COURSEEE.

    19. Shakira and Rihanna - "Can't Remember to Forget You"

    If the song wasn't enough already, the video should seal the deal for all lesbians. I'm generalizing but where did I lie.

    20. Mario - "Just a Friend"

    I love this song and I'm a lesbian so I assume everyone else agrees with me!!!

    21. Hayley Kiyoko - "Girls Like Girls"

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping.

    22. Ciara - "Ride"

    23. Grimes - "Realiti"

    *song plays* Everyone: "Omg I love Grimes."

    24. Sam Smith and Disclosure - "Latch"

    No the "Latch" thing isn't a U-Haul joke.

    25. Morgan Page feat. Tegan and Sara - "Body Work"

    Like I said, every Tegan and Sara song *COULD* be on this list. But I've chosen this one just cause.

    26. Shura - "Touch"

    Polydor Records / Via

    You know what's cool? A bunch of lesbians in a room together. You Know what's even COOLER? A bunch of lesbians tearily singing along to this song together.

    27. Haim - "Falling" (Duke Dumont Remix)

    Similar to the Tegan and Sara situation, every Haim song could ALSO be on this list. But I'm including this specific remix of "Falling" because it's really fucking good that's why.

    28. Betty Who - "All Of You"


    29. Fleetwood Mac - "Landslide"

    View this video on YouTube

    Picture this: you're on a camping trip. It's 9:30 and the fire is burning low and Jess and Jessica who have been together for six years are the first to retreat to their tent. So naturally everyone else will start drunkenly crooning "Landslide." Night!

    30. And here's a playlist in case you're going on a lesbian road trip anytime soon:

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