23 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother

It’s happening. You’re entering momville.

1. You hear yourself say, “PULL UP YOUR DAMN PANTS!” when you see this:

2. And often think, She should cover up her midriff! when you see this:

3. You cry while watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


4. You also cry during that Subaru commercial.

5. Basically all TV makes you cry.

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6. You’ve discovered the full-length robe and LOVE IT.

7. These days one glass of wine is all it takes to get you tipsy.


8. You find yourself starting sentences with, “Wait, let me put my glasses on.”

9. You actually remind your roommates to pee before you guys leave the house.


10. Instead of speeding in your own car, you are yelling for other cars to slow the heck down!

11. You’ve started taking daily vitamins and they are BIG PILLS.


13. Your new ideal night is a comfy spot on your couch while watching Shark Tank.

14. You’ve actually started stealing these from restaurants:

15. You find yourself agreeing with the parents in movies, and not the kids.

16. Heels? LOL. It’s all about the comfort, baby.

17. You have started putting on suntan lotion with 30 SPF or more. You don’t want to burn!

18. You have a bedtime again.

19. All of a sudden these seem useful to you:

20. You’ve started urging people to wear a jacket when it’s chilly so that they don’t catch a cold.

21. You have a pharmacy in your purse.

22. You can’t eat that piece of chocolate cake. You just can’t!

23. And when your friends leave your place you say, “Text me when you get home” and mean it.

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