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    Screw ~The Egg~ I Think Jennifer Garner's Carrot Pants Photo Should Be The Most Liked Pic On Instagram Ever

    Sorry egg, but the carrot is coming for you.

    If you're anyone who is anyone then you've heard about ~the egg.~ You know, the egg that got more likes than Kylie Jenner's pic which in turn makes it the most liked picture of Instagram. Here's the egg, it currently has more than 45 million likes.

    Personally, I don't care about the egg. The egg means nothing to me.

    What DOES mean something to me is this Instagram uploaded by Jennifer Garner, which I believe deserves to knock the egg off its pedestal and become the new most liked picture on Instagram. As Jennifer said, "if the world loves an egg...wait until you catch a gander of my carrot pants."

    So here it is. Jennifer Garner's carrot pants.

    And not only are her carrots pants, but, her carrot has a penis.


    So yeah, I'll be over here, rooting for Jennifer Garner's carrot pants to take the crown and become the most liked picture on Instagram. WE ONLY NEED 46 MILLION MORE PEOPLE!!!!

    I've done my part. Will you?

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