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Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively's Interactions On Social Media Are What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

What a lovely union.

Some famous couples are gushy.

Some famous couples are horny.

And then there's Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. A beautiful mix between the two, and oh so much more. Their exchanges on the internet are quite honestly, inspirational. One might even say they are hashtag relationship goals. But not only that, I think they are gurus of love, here to guide everyone through the relationship journey. Let me show you.

1. They show us that marriage is about trust.

2. And freedom.

3. But that sometimes things aren't perfect.

4. And it's okay to want some alone time.

5. They teach us that communication is key.

6. And showing appreciation goes a long way.

7. These two teach us the meaning of true leadership.

8. Loyalty.

9. And learning when to let go.

10. They have shown us what it means to truly support your partner.

11. And how important praise can be.

12. They've taught us that sharing is caring.

13. And that family is important.

14. They've taught us the importance of making each other better people.

15. And accepting each other for who they are.

16. But most of all they've taught everyone how to love thyself.

17. And that sometimes in life you just gotta accept that you'll never be Hugh Jackman. That's just how it is.