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    Russell Brand Is A Renegade Yogi, Staged A Yoga Walkout

    Russell Brand rolled up his mat and started a yoga revolution last week because they wouldn't let his favorite teacher break her contract with the studio he attends. Demi Moore also goes to this studio and participated in the walk out. How fun!

    Russell was the leader of Yoga Gate 2013 and Radar Online reported this about the event:

    "Golden Bridge is not treating my friend in a respectful manner," Russell charged. "After years of dutiful service, they refuse to let her out of her contract. If you'd like to continue to study with her, follow me!"

    An eyewitness says the crowd shifted nervously for a few seconds, wondering whether or not they were being Punk'd, but soon enough, at least half of the class, Moore included, rolled up their mats and followed Russell right out the door!

    Radar Online also got in touch with the yoga studio and they gave this statement:

    "Tej quit," an employee told Radar. "She just upped and left. There wasn't a contract problem though, she just quit. Yes, there was a walkout in class, I didn't actually know that Russell Brand led it, but he was there and so was Demi Moore. Neither Demi nor Russell have been back since."