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Rihanna And Her Bedazzled Flask Were Secretly The Best Part Of The Grammys

This is how to attend an awards show.

Hello. I'm here to talk about what was actually the best/most important part of the Grammys. No, it wasn't Beyoncé leaning back on a chair. It wasn't Adele re-doing her performance. And it wasn't Pentatonix either.

It was Rihanna's and her bedazzled flask.

First of all, it looks fuckin' great. Way better than any flask you'll ever own.

Second of all, it was used. It wasn't just some prop. There were shots taken.

Third, it was danced with. It was just as much a part of the show as Keith Urban's hair.

Fourth, if she *didn't* have her flask, then we wouldn't have Rihanna giving this look during the carpool karaoke bit while screwing the cap back on.

Let's slow that down.

K now zoom in.

Yup there it is.

Rihanna with her flask is all of us. We are all Rihanna with her flask.

So thank you Rihanna and your flask. None of this would be possible without you.