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    32 Revelations Discovered In Kim Kardashian's Old Tweets

    It's like I'm looking into Kim's soul.

    The year was 2009 and Kim Kardashian joined Twitter. She proceeded to tweet gems into this world. This is a look back on what a beautiful thing her old twitter was and how much we can learn just by going back in time a bit.

    1. She has a cavity-sensing superpower:

    i have a really odd talent. i can smell when someone has cavaties! i have never been wrong yet! they dont even have 2 be super close by me

    2. With this power she can just smell cavities in people:

    i can smell by having one conversation with someone! sooo weird huh!

    3. And her power never fails her:

    Someone has a cavity in the car I'm in. I can smell it.

    4. She was at least a tiny bit friendly with Spencer and Heidi:

    @spencerpratt He's at the gym now, u should go meet him! Lets all work out together

    5. And wanted to hang out with them:

    @spencerpratt are u in town next week? Reggie & I will both be in LA!

    6. Nicole Richie reminds her of her jeep:

    7. One time her filling came out:

    OMG I was chewing a piece of gum and my filling came out!

    8. In 2009 she learned a pickle was a pickled cucumber.

    Thanks guys! I had no idea a pickle was really a cucumber! U guys totally confirmed it!

    9. Accents baffle her:

    Isn't it weird how singers like Rihanna & Celine Dion sing in an American accent but really speak w an accent

    10. She wears a retainer:

    My retainer is cutting the inside of my mouth, maybe its too small. I need 2 go 2 the orthodontist :(

    11. She once uttered the words "Sweetie please cover ur swiney":

    A little kid just coughed literally in my face on the plane. Is it rude I said "sweetie please cover ur swiney" I'm not about 2 get sick!

    12. SMH means shaking my head:

    13. She want(ed) everything in the SkyMall:

    RIP SkyMall.

    14. She accepts that she's a bore:

    I am such a bore!!!! Sometimes I'd rather be in bed laughing by myself at funny youtube videos than socializing in a club!I accept im a bore

    15. She's motivational:

    16. She also didn't understand Inception:

    What's the deal w Inception? Was he dreaming at the end? Someone help explain?

    17. She is unsure about the carb content in peanuts:

    18. She loves country music!!

    19. She probably misses BBM a lot.

    I melt when someone calls me baby! *bbm blushing face*

    20. She didn't like a dream she had:

    I just had a really weird dream about someone I didn't want to be dreaming about. Weird

    21. She's the QUEEN of Scattergories.

    22. She can't deal with memory lane.

    I'm at dinner w my mom in Capri and she won't stop w the sob stories of her honeymoon here 100 yrs ago! I just can't deal w memory lane mom

    23. But only because she knows it's her future.

    I love my mom so much and we r so alike, I see myself doing this in 20 yrs. Tears at the dinner table! The whole restraunts starring, help!

    24. She loves z apple strudel.

    I love Germany, its Vonderfull here! I love z apple strudel

    25. She needs to feel buttons.

    ok I'm sorry but I just need to feel buttons. This ipad is frustrating me so badly!!!! I can't figure any of this out!

    26. She watches Cash Cab.

    I soooo want to get picked up by the cash cab!

    27. There's truly nothing like this:

    Nothing like a late night drive in a Maybach blasting Frank Sinatra in New York City

    28. She went to go see Drag Me to Hell in theaters...

    About to watch "Drag Me To Hell" w Reggie. Anybody seen it? How is it?

    29. But walked out.

    This movie is sooo stupid! We are walking out.

    30. She loves Maury:

    I'm obsessed with Maury Povich & the paternity tests!

    31. She loves "cinnabun":

    That cinnabun smell at the airport gets me everytime :-(

    32. And she's a scientist.

    Don't drink bottled water thats been left in a car!Heat reacts w the chemicals in the plastic bottle which releases dioxin into the water.

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