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19 Revelations About Martha Stewart We Learned From Her Reddit AMA

Including some very important sex tips.

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Aaron Davidson / Getty Images

1. She was most likely a wild child:

2. But, she doesn't know what a dildo is (haha YEAH, SURE MARTHA):

3. She thinks freezing cottage cheese is a crazy concept and doesn't understand why anyone would:

4. She could have had many back-up careers:

5. She wants to be Snoop's BFF:

6. She has never been to GOOPS home:

7. She is suspicious about the Ellen oscar selfie:

8. She can't remember her prison nickname because she doesn't think about the past:

Oh, and it was M. Diddy.

Oh, and it was M. Diddy.

9. She is definitely not a slave to fashion:

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

10. She thinks South Park is cute:

11. And also Pharrell Williams:

12. She can apparantly only eat one taco at a time:

13. She's technically still modeling:


15. She knows how to be polite:

16. She is anti-truffle oil:

17. She's a good sport:

Getty Images/ SNL / NBC

18. It's possible that she has 1,000 sets of sheets:

19. And, most importantly, she is a sexpert:

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