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26 Reasons Why Ava Was The Queen Of Vine In 2014

All hail this 4-year-old star.

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1. Because her personal thoughts reflected your true feelings.

2. Because her goals were inspiring.

3. Truly, truly inspiring.

4. Because she just didn't care about what you think.

5. Because she knew how to give the perfect gift.

6. Because she figured out one of the world's greatest Cheese mysteries.

7. Because her sense of smell was something to envy.

8. Because she completely understood the difficulties of a 9-5.

9. Even if the job was unconventional.

10. Because she was a pioneer to end this madness.

11. Because she helped teach you how to get out of any situation.

12. Because she just saw the truth that is life.

13. Because she ~got~ Mondays.

14. Because her relationship advice was some for the ages.

15. Because her character's over the past year have become like new friends.

16. Because she had the only Saturday night plans that sounded good.

17. Because she partied on MONDAYS.

18. Actually every day. That's just how she is.

19. Because she taught you a thing or two about flirting.

20. Because she was quick on her feet.

21. Literally too, her dances moves were impeccable.

22. Because she discovered the most flawless beauty regiment.

23. Because she was there for you no matter what.

24. Because she saw the humor in everything.

25. Because her taste in TV shows was exemplary.

26. And last but not least, because she smelled like beef.

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