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Prince Eric Was The Best Disney Prince And It's OK To Be Attracted To Him

Cartoons are people too.

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Prince Eric is clearly the hottest and best prince.

Besides being musically talented...

He also LOVES dogs, which is an important and lovable characteristic.

Just look at the way his mouth crawls up when he's happy. *swoons*

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And he's obviously very strong. He would be able to lift you with ease.

He has perfectly white and straight teeth and definitely brushes at least twice a day.

His hands and face are clearly baby soft, which explains why a stranger would be rubbing his cheek, and he probably puts lotion on every day to maintain his perfect skin.

Also his eyebrows are thick and lustrous and beautifully shaped.

And they are the perfect canopies for eyyyyyyyyyy — OH SORRY GOT LOST IN HIS EYES. What was I saying?

Oh yes, I was talking about his flawless face. With a jawline chiseled from marble...

And hair perfectly coiffed and fluffy and shaggy.


Also he has beautiful calf muscles, which means he probably puts in work at the gym.

And his biceps are like those of Zeus.

But besides being a bona fide hottie, he's also a romantic.

And he's timid, but not ANNOYINGLY timid.

He'll woo you and not even care about all the frogs on his paddle.

Even when he looks hungover he's still adorable.

And have you ever seen a man wear a collar like that as well as he does?

Or look this flawless in a V-neck?

Or a DEEP V?

Answer: No. NO ONE else will ever look that good in a deep V.

In conclusion Prince Eric is literally the best prince.

And it's natural to feel things for him.

The End.

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🔥 People in the BuzzFeed Community are discussing Disney
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