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    16 Pictures That Were Taken Of Famous People This Week


    1. Justin Bieber did a wheelie.

    2. And also rode around with his wife.

    3. Liam Hemsworth went horizontal.

    4. Billie Eilish wore a foot purse.

    5. Avril Lavigne got fed.

    6. Kendall Jenner sipped her coffee.

    7. Millie Bobby Brown spoke at the UN.

    8. Cara Delevingne touched a designer punching bag.

    9. Camila Cabello wanted us to read her shirt (it says "romance").

    10. Shawn Mendes arrived.

    11. Tom Sandoval did drag.

    12. Tyga went four wheelin'.

    13. Dame Maggie Smith hit the newstands.

    14. The cast of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills visited Rome.

    15. Antonio Banderas scooted.

    16. And Harry Styles hung around.