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    26 Pictures That Dudes Will Just Never, Ever Understand

    The struggles are real.

    1. This travesty:

    2. This amateur art:

    3. The deep, deep ponytail struggles...

    4. so many forms:

    5. Also the "messy bun" struggles:

    6. And the sheet mask struggles:

    7. And the long nail struggles:

    8. Aaaaaand the hair tie struggle:

    9. ALL of the hair tie struggles.

    10. So many struggles.

    11. The wandering boob:


    13. Learning how to be patient:

    14. Eyebrow issues:

    15. The death crunch under your feet:

    16. Prepping for parenthood:

    17. All the hair that left before its time:

    18. A new you:

    19. But also THE CUTS.

    20. The mental math:

    21. The painful truth:

    22. The post-room-cleaning loot:

    23. Using what you've got:

    24. THE RELIEF:

    25. Coming to terms with the beginning of the end:

    26. And finally, any given day/minute of your period: