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29 Photos Of The Cast Of "Downton Abbey" Being Totally Un-Downton-Like

The show starts again this Sunday and I'm still processing that they aren't actually butlers and nobles stuck in the early 1900s. Spoilers from previous seasons!

1. Lady Mary, Edith, and their dad hanging out with their dead sister (RIP Sybil):

2. Branson piloting a PLANE, and not driving a car:

3. Also hanging out with Niall Horan:

4. Edith and Mary getting along:

5. Bates relaxing:

6. Lord Grantham using this modern technology called a moving sidewalk:

7. Lady Mary in a photo with Lena Dunham:

8. Branson and Thomas being best friends:

9. Like, real buddies.

10. AND playing basketball together:

11. While Edith and Mrs. Hughes play too!

12. Cora Crawley hanging out with country folk:


14. Lady Mary seemingly having a fun time having mud thrown on her:

15. The upstairs and downstairs groups fraternizing:

16. And more fraternization!!!

17. Also Mrs. Hughes, Anna, and Daisy looking all done up:

18. Edith mingling with her dead brother in-law:

19. And also drinking at a bar with Benedict Cumberbatch:

20. And watching him take photos:

21. Thomas hugging a pillow of himself:

22. Edith, Mrs. Hughes, and Mrs. Patmore just hanging with Whoopi Goldberg:

23. Mr. Carson riding a speed bike...

24. ...Daisy using an iPHONE...

25. ...and Branson using an iPad (Whoaaa, hello 21st century):

26. Jimmy in tiny pink shorts hanging out with Theon Grejoy:

27. Lady Mary possibly inebriated:

28. The Dowager Countess making this face while getting hugged by Dustin Hoffman:

29. And Lord Grantham saying this: