Actual Saint Paul Rudd Stood In The Rain And Handed Out Cookies To People Waiting On Line To Vote

    Paul Rudd, the Cookie King.

    Want one final reason to vote? Well, if you go vote, then it's possible you'll be standing in line and Paul Rudd will be there to give you a literal cookie to thank you for your civic duty.

    I’m voting in Brooklyn and Paul Rudd is handing out cookies

    Yes, Paul Rudd stood in the rain and handed out cookies to voters today in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.

    @acexperience Paul Rudd gave me a “blueberry ‘n cream” cookie, naturally. What a MENSCH.

    BTW, this guy is the drummer for Guster. MY FAV BAND OF 2003.

    Like, actually good cookies too. They are Milk Bar, which is legit.

    Voting early on a rainy rainy day meant no lines at the Barclay Center, Brooklyn. Special bonus: Paul Rudd gave us cookies! (Crazy thought: is bad weather just another insidious GOP vote suppression tactic?)

    Proof once again that Paul Rudd is truly a perfect being.

    Paul Rudd is handing out cookies to early voters voting in the rain @ Barclay's Center. I like him x100 more. Go #VOTE! #VoteEarly #VoteHimOut2020

    Your fav could never, unless your fav is Paul Rudd and then he definitely could, because he did.

    Paul Rudd, love of my life, is standing outside Barclays Center right now thanking early voters for showing up in the rain and handing out cookies. 😍 #VOTE

    In conclusion: extremely nice guy Paul Rudd loves to see people vote and has good taste in cookies (the corn ones are actually delicious, not gonna lie).

    This morning I voted early for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris at @barclayscenter in Brooklyn and then Paul Rudd gave me a cookie. He tried to trick me into choosing a corn cookie over a blueberry cookie (no dice). Otherwise a very nice guy! #VoteEarly #BidenHarris2020

    So yeah, please go vote! TBH, you prob won't see Paul Rudd or get a cookie, but they give you a sticker no matter what, and this year I also got a cool pen. Worth it!!!